Poha Recipes With a Step-By-Step Cooking Guide

Poha Recipes With a Step-By-Step Cooking Guide 

Poha or rice drops are flexible in their use in the culinary world. Produced using husked rice which is skillet bubbled and afterward smoothed, Poha can be utilized as a breakfast oat, made into an exquisite tidbit or used to get ready enticing sweet dishes.

Natural Poha is produced using rice developed with non-GMO seeds utilizing ecologically agreeable strategies. Free from any debasement or pesticides, natural Poha is high in nutritious esteem. An incredible wellspring of complex starches this sans fat nourishment is high in fiber and proteins. An astounding wellspring of vitamins and proteins also, this without lactose nourishment advances a healthy heart. Poha is a brilliant wellspring of moment vitality for the body and is additionally a comfort sustenance. Here are a couple of simples to make and delectable dishes.

1. Grandmother’s top pick


Natural Poha – 2 tbsp

Hot Milk – ½ container

Ground Jaggery or Sugar – 1 tsp

Banana – ½ cleaved [optional]

Consolidate all the above to make a characteristic grain which is anything but difficult to process. A most loved of our grandmas’ age it functions admirably as a breakfast sustenance and is perfect for little youngsters also.

2. Batata Poha

A pervasive breakfast dish, Batata Poha is best served hot with buttered toast!


Natural Poha – 1½ container

Potato – 1, cut into 1-inch cuts

Onion – 1 finely cleaved

Green Chili – 1 cleaved finely

Curry leaves – 8 – 10 cleaved finely

Green coriander leaves – 2 tbsp, cleaved finely

Oil – 2 tbsp

Mustard seeds – ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Turmeric Powder – ½ tsp

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1 tsp

Drain – 1 tbsp


a. Wash and deplete the Poha and keep it secured for around 15 minutes.

b. In a thick bottomed skillet include oil, splutter the mustard seeds and mix in hacked green chilies, onions, and potato juliennes.

c. Include salt and cook with a secured top opening to blend infrequently till the potato mollifies.

d. Include turmeric powder, lemon squeeze, and sugar. Keep on sir.

e. Delicately mix in the coriander.

f. Include drain, blend and cook secured on low warmth for at least 3 minutes.

Extra nourishment tip!

Include finely cut carrots, beans, and peas, and so forth to make the Batata Poha more advantageous and go with curd to make for an incredible feast!

3. Poha Cutlets

Serve these top notch cutlets as starters before lunch or supper.


Poha – 1 glass

Potato – 2 medium measured, bubbled and crushed

Beans – 8 – 10 slashed

Carrot – 1 slashed

Pear – ½ glass

Onion – 1 slashed finely

Green bean stew – 1 hacked finely

Ginger-garlic glue – 1 tsp

Red Chili powder – ½ tsp

Amchoor or dried mango powder – ½ tsp

Soya chunks – 2 tbsp powdered

Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Garam Masala – ¼ Tsp

Simmered peanuts – 1 tbsp coarsely ground

Oil for shallow singing


a. Wash and deplete the Poha well and keep secured

b. Heat up the beans, peas, and carrots and put in the sifter and expel all the water

c. In an expansive bowl blend every one of the fixings exceptionally well and taste to guarantee the seasonings are in the correct amounts

d. Influence lime to estimate balls with lubed palms and level to around 1 cm thickness

e. Shallow broil on a non-stick container on medium high fire till light dark colored.

f. Serve hot!

Serve these yummy cutlets with mint chutney orchestrated on green banana leaves and anticipate compliments!

4. Poha Laddus

Last yet not the minimum, particularly for the individuals who cherish desserts here is a recipe for laddus. Make them with natural Poha, regular sugar and dairy animals’ ghee for included advantages.


Natural Poha – 1½ container

Jaggery – ¾ container

Dissolved dairy animals ghee – 5 tbsp

Almonds – 10-15 hacked into bits


a. Broil the natural Poha in a thick bottomed skillet until fresh and pound to a coarse powder

b. Include jaggery and keep granulating till all around blended

c. Broil almonds in ghee and odd in the blend

d. Blend well and make lemon estimated laddus.

The laddus taste best promptly after planning, yet they can be saved for a couple of days when kept in an impenetrable holder.

With these recipes don’t hesitate to pick amongst Poha and natural Poha. It is important to include Poha in your eating regimen for the advantages it offers. Offer your criticism with us to tell us how your Poha dish turned out!

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