Semolina Pancakes – A Chic Recipe Which Is Easy to Cook

Semolina Pancakes – A Chic Recipe Which Is Easy to Cook

Cooking Under 10 Minutes


Planning Time: 4 minutes

Cooking Time: 4 minutes

Makes 4 hotcakes


½ glass semolina (rawa)

½ glass curds

¼ glass pulverized peanuts

¼ glass destroyed cabbage

¼ glass capsicum, cut into strips

¼ glass carrots cut into strips

¼ glass bean grows

¼ glass spring onions, cut

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp organic product salt

Salt and pepper to taste


Oil for cooking

The following dish in this fragment of ‘Cooking Under 10 Minutes’ is ‘Semolina Pancakes.’

How about we look at its fixings.

Semolina (rawa)


Smashed peanuts

Salt to taste

Destroyed cabbage

Hacked Capsicum

Destroyed carrots

Destroyed spring onions

Bean grows

At that point we have cleaved coriander for topping, and lemon juice.

How about we look at the recipe for Semolina Pancakes.


Right off the bat we need to take a blending dish.

Take a large portion of a measure of semolina.

Include into this a large portion of a measure of curd.

The amount of curd and semolina ought to be the same.

Include a spoonful of pounded peanuts and 3-4 grams of salt.

We need to absorb it two tablespoons of water.

Blend it pleasantly.

Douse it for around 3-4 minutes while the surface isn’t smooth.

When semolina absorbs curd, we should make a blend for the garnish.


Take a blending dish and include some destroyed cabbage, trailed by destroyed capsicum and destroyed carrots. At that point include destroyed onions and a touch of sprouts.

Presently we will include around 2-3 grams of salt and hurl it legitimately.

Presently how about we check the hitter.

You may include maybe a couple drops of oil to the hitter on the off chance that you like, that way, it would be oily from inside.

The semolina blend is practically done.


Presently we will warm up the dish to make flapjacks.

Include 2 or 3 drops of oil or oil to the dish.

Presently we will make flapjacks of around 3-4 mm thickness, and we will spread it pleasantly.

We need to cook it on a medium fire, with the end goal that semolina is cooked appropriately and gets a dazzling shading.

When it cooks from the base, spread the garnish we had made towards its highest point.

It takes around 1 – 1/2 minutes to cook it on a medium fire.

There is a simple approach to see if the semolina flapjack is cooked from the base or not.

On the off chance that we tilt the container marginally, at that point if the flapjack is cooked, it will leave the base and move.

Flip over the semolina hotcake and cook after one side cooks. You would find that the vegetables are for the most part pleasantly drenched in the flapjack.

Sit tight for just around 30 seconds, with the end goal that the best get pleasantly cooked also and there is a decent brilliant shading on the garnishes.

The flapjack is currently prepared.

Embellishment the Semolina flapjack with slashed coriander and present with tomato sauce!

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