The Perfect Recipe For Growing Kids 21-10-2017

The Perfect Recipe Children could be exacting in picking their suppers!

Now and again it turns out to be hard for us to empower them to settle on a more beneficial decision!

Specifically, you may have watched that children don’t care for verdant greens accordingly.

So how can one guarantee a healthy eating routine for one’s children?

Look at the recipe for Golzeme, Turkish flapjacks your children are certain to love.

These are high in proteins, starches and everything that children cherish, including potatoes, cheddar, and curds.

What’s more, this has spinach as one of the fixings, so your children will build up a desire for the vegetable. Spinach is useful for the eyes and skin, and for all aspects of the body. It’s an imperative expansion to the eating routine for developing children.

Presently best of all, Golzeme is a tasteful children’s nourishment recipe, perfect for your children, and even children parties!

How about we look at the recipe!

Sustenance thoughts for kids


Planning Time 60 minutes

Cooking Time 20 minutes

Makes 8 golems

For the stuffing

1 glass bubbled and ground potatoes (90% cooked)

1 glass slashed spinach (palak)

1 glass disintegrated paneer (curds)

Dry red bean stew drops to taste

Salt to taste

8 tbsp ground mozzarella cheddar

For the rotis

1 glass plain flour (maida)

1/4 rice flour (chawal ka atta)

Salt to taste

The fixings we requirement for Golzeme are flour, Semolina, finely slashed spinach, curds, bubbled and ground potato, bean stew chips and mozarella cheddar.

We can put in salt according to taste.

To start with, combine flour and semolina alongside some salt.

Add some water to massage the batter.

Roll the batter into a round roti.

Put this roti on the frying pan.

In the wake of putting it on the iron, include the potatoes and spread, yet ensure that you include it in only 1 divide (a large portion of the side).

At that point, put spinach and curds over the potatoes.

These recipes are for developing children. So they contain a ton of nutritious stuff, for example, curds, spinach, and cheddar.

Put some stew drops and extravagantly include cheddar.

You should include some salt too.

Cheddar as of now contains salt. The roti we make contains salt also.

In any case, the squeeze of salt that we include is for spinach and curds.

Presently we’ll overlap the golzeme.

Add a little oil to cook it.

After we cook it, the golzeme are prepared to be served. These look great.

Serve the golzemes with tomato ketchup.

Look at the Kitchen Library YouTube Channel for the finest choices in Indian Cuisine and all the more such recipe.

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